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Six Week Body Transformation Program

Our Six Week Body Transformation Program is specifically designed for for Salford Men and Women aged 25-65 who are looking to completely transform their lives, bodies, health and happiness.


Group Personal Training

Join us for 3 sessions per week in Buile Hill Park, Salford. 18 sessions in total!


Bespoke Nutrition Coaching

 Benefit from our expert nutrition coaching that's completely bespoke to you and your goals.


Weekly Progress Check Ins

We're super diligent in tracking your progress to ensure you don't stall. We take your date weekly including full body measurements, weight and pictures.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Guides

We supply you with a Nutrition Guide, Meal Planning Guide and Recipe Book to help you on your way to reaching your goals.


Dedicated Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Support

This isn't just any bootcamp... UFFS is run by 2 personal trainers and nutritionists to make sure you're getting the best training and nutrition advice po


Earn Back Your Investment 

Once you've smashed your six week program we give you the opportunity to earn back your investment via a discounted 12 month long term membership.

Let's get you started...

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