You’ve Got Questions — We’ve Got Answers...

Who can join?

We welcome anyone aged 18+ to join us! We do also cater for 16+ however anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What abilities do you cater for?

Anyone and everyone! We welcome all abilities from seasoned fitness pros to absolute beginners who haven’t exercised in years. Our sessions are designed to allow everyone to work to their own capabilities, no matter their fitness level.

What kind of training do you do?


With over 10 years of training experience, we make sure you're always improving and always striving to reach your fitness goals through fun and varied sessions. We focus on a mixture of resistance training and HIIT to blast through the fat, increase your cardiovascular fitness and build up muscle in all the right places.

How many training sessions do I get?

Every U-First member receives 2 x 90 minute sessions per week or 3 x 90 minute sessions per week if the Saturday Special Membership is chosen. We also offer a pay-as-you-go service for anyone who wants to join extra sessions with another training group at an additional cost of £7.50 per session.

Is there a minimum amount of time I have to sign up for?

We ask all new members to sign up for a minimum of 6 months. This gives us a good amount of time to see results and to break any unhealthy habits with diet or lifestyle that may have led you to us.

How do I pay?


We ask all members to set up a monthly standing order

How often do I pay?

We ask for all members to pay their membership fees upfront every four weeks.

How do I join?

Just get in touch! You can email us at ufirstfitnesssociety@gmail.com or contact us through our Facebook Page or simply hit the ‘join now’ button on our website. If you have any questions prior to joining you can also reach Sarah on 07989461864 or Antony on 07572070401

Can I come and try you out before joining?

Definitely! We allow all newbies to come down and try us out for the week for £10, no strings attached.

Do you help me with my diet?

Yes, all of our members once signed up receive personalised calorie and macro-nutrient setting tailored to their own specific goals. We also teach every member how to accurately track and log their food for better results overall. Because if you can't measure it you can't manage it!

We also supply every member with a copy of our nutrition & lifestyle manual as part of your membership.

Do you track member progress?

Yes! Every member has a monthly progress check in with us to ensure they stay accountable on their fitness journey. We take weight, measurements and pictures every month. These check ins are your chance to iron out any creases, tweak diet if necessary and to ask any questions that may arise.

Do you offer a pay as you go option for extra sessions?

Yes. Any member that wishes to have extra sessions outside of their twice weekly training can attend extra sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis at a cost of £7.50 per session, providing that there is at least 48 hours notice given so we can ensure your place.

How much does it cost?

We currently have two different membership options depending on how many sessions you would like to attend each week.

Standard Salford Membership: £80 pcm

2 x 90 minute training sessions per week

Bespoke nutritional setting & nutrition manual

A progress check in every four weeks

Access to our private members only facebook group

24/7 support from your trainers

Home workouts supplied if you can't attend a session

Saturday Special: £100 pcm 

(Save £10 monthly by paying up front for Saturdays.)

3 x 90 minute training sessions per week (Saturdays included)

Bespoke nutritional setting & nutrition manual

A progress check in every four weeks

Access to our private members only facebook group

24/7 support from your trainers

Home workouts supplied if you can't make a training session


Saturday Pay-As-You-Go Sessions: £7.50 per session

1-2-1 Personal Training:

£160 for a block of four sessions

Bespoke Gym Workout Program Only:

£80 one off fee

Can I swap one of my training days for a different group if I’m unable to attend?

Yes, again if there is at least 48 hours notice given and there is available space within the group you wish to swap in to. However as we work on a subscription basis any extra sessions you attend outside of your normal training days (even if you miss one of your usual sessions) will incur a pay-as-you-go cost of £7.50 per session.

What happens if I miss a session?

As we work on a monthly subscription fee, it is up to you to make sure you attend your sessions consistently. No refunds are given for missed sessions due to all the extra perks your membership gives you.

I have an injury/illness, can I join?

If you have an injury or illness we will discuss this when you fill out our medical questionnaire prior to joining. We may ask in some circumstances that you bring a doctors note that clears you to take part in our sessions. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact us at ufirstfitnesssociety@gmail.com

Who are the U-First trainers?

Antony and Sarah, the U-First Founders are both fully qualified level 3 personal trainers with a level 2 nutrition qualification also. They have over 10 years of training experience between them and have worked with all manner of clients. They love helping people to become the best versions of themselves and are on a mission to get the UK fit and healthy!

Where do training sessions take place?

Training sessions take place at Buile Hill Park, Salford.

We train on the grass in the Spring and the Summer and we train on the basketball courts in the Autumn and the Winter. During the Winter months we floodlight the courts.

Do you offer extras such as 1-2-1 personal training sessions?

Yes! We offer 1-2-1 personal training sessions alongside your U-First membership. All U-First members can access and book 1-2-1 personal training sessions with either Antony or Sarah. We cater for 1-2-1 sessions outdoors and indoors in Salford or online from the comfort of your own home!

What happens to my membership if I go on holiday?

As U-First Fitness Society is a monthly subscription service you will always have access to workouts you can easily do at home, poolside, in your hotel room, basically anywhere in the world! Providing we have at least 48 hours notice we will provide you with quick and effective workouts you can do to make sure your progress doesn’t falter whilst you’re away. You will still receive your monthly progress check in, and we can be flexible if your check in falls whilst you’re away. Unfortunately we don’t accept part payments for any weeks in a month when you’re unable to attend, however if you are planning to be away for the whole 4 weeks we can ‘freeze’ your membership until you return. If your membership is frozen you will not be eligible for your monthly progress check in that month, but you will still have access to the private members only Facebook group.

How many people are in each session?

Each training group has a maximum of 24 people per session. We keep a cap on each group to ensure we are providing every single member with quality coaching and attention at all times.

Can I just come to the training sessions without the monthly progress check ins?

Yes you can certainly just join us on the training sessions and not take part in the monthly progress check ins, however as the check ins are a part of your monthly subscription fee we highly recommend you make the most of them, as they are key in keeping you accountable and ensuring you reach your health and fitness goals. If you decide that you just want to come to the training sessions the monthly fee will remain the same.

What else does my membership give me?

Every U-First member receives the following:

1) 2 or 3 x 90 minute outdoor group training sessions a week depending on which package you choose

2) A monthly progress check in where we take weight, measurements and pictures to track your progress and keep you accountable

3) Personalised calorie and macro-nutrient setting to ensure your diet is best supporting your goals

4) Access to our private members only Facebook group where you have constant access to your trainers, Antony and Sarah, to ask any questions you may have and benefit from the information we post in the group. You can share tips, recipes and diet hacks with other members and become part of a community of like-minded people all chasing the same goals!

5) If you're unable to make a training session just give us a heads up and we will provide you with a bespoke home workout to make sure you're not affecting your progress.

6) A copy of our nutrition manual