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How Much Do You Value Your Health?


Do you think that’s an odd question?

We don’t.

We live in a society that is becoming faster paced every day and convenience is on the rise. We can have anything we want at the click of a button with some of the big online retailers now even offering same day delivery of anything our hearts desire. We now have access to it all, and with our lives becoming increasingly busier who can blame us for wanting things quickly and conveniently?

As personal trainers the biggest barrier to exercise or a lifestyle change we see are both TIME and MONEY and with the fitness industry booming and prices of pretty much everything soaring it’s no wonder people feel they can’t afford to splash out £300 a month and upwards on a personal trainer or nutritionist to help get their health in check.

With access to hundreds of quick, cheap and easy fast food outlets at the click of a button and with society becoming increasingly time short it’s never been easier to make unhealthy choices when it comes to our diet. Britons now spend a whooping £4.2 billion a year having food delivered to their homes to save them going out - up 73 percent in 10 years. The average person spends £80 per month on takeaways, with statistics showing that the most popular options are pizzas, Chinese food, burgers and curries, all highly calorific food choices with little nutritional value. This adds up to a staggering £960 a year on poor quality food that is doing absolutely nothing for the UK’s waistlines nor their overall health.

Similarly, spending on alcohol is almost as big. Back in 2014 Macmillan Cancer Support found each Briton spends around £787 a year on alcohol consumed at home. A study carried out by Think Money suggests that the average Brit spends £44.88 on each night out. Going out 48 times a year (roughly once a week) on average, this equals £2,154 per person each year on boozey nights out, or more than £112billion across the nation.

If we add up what the average person spends on takeaways, alcohol and nights out a year it adds up to an insane £3,901 a year on products that are probably the root cause as to why most people feel they simply can’t afford to hire a health professional, despite obesity rising and the NHS telling us that in January 2019 1 in 4 adults in the UK was overweight.

Now we get it, personal trainers are expensive and if you hired a trainer at the average price of £40 per hour, twice a week, you’d be forking out £4,160 a year on your PT alone. BUT, what if there was another way to gain access to quality fitness and nutrition services at a fraction of the cost?

What if we told you that you could have two 90 minute training sessions a week led by two experienced personal trainers, a private monthly progress check in to keep you accountable towards reaching your fitness goals, personalised calorie and macro-nutrient setting to ensure your diet is supporting you in reaching your goals and access to a private members only facebook group which gives you access to your trainers 24/7, valuable information on how to manage your diet and tips, tricks and food swaps to ensure you not only lose the weight you’ve always struggled to shift, but keep it off for LIFE?

What if we told you that for all this, it would set you back just £480 a year?

Compare that to the mammoth £4160 a year a personal trainer could cost you, the £960 a year you may spend on takeaways, the £787 a year you may spend on alcohol and the £2,154 a year you may spend on boozey nights out…. and by cutting out or cutting down on some or all of these expensive indulgences suddenly it looks a lot more doable right?

So we’ll ask you again…


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